Liberate the Creator Within 

Welcome to a transformative online course designed to Liberate the Creator Within! 

I am Lauren Lovett, an Embodiment coach and Somatic Experiencing practitioner, and I am honored to be your guide on this extraordinary exploration of self-discovery and liberation.

Self Knowledge is essential in any growth. The more we can know ourselves, including our inner body and inner mind workings, the more powerful and grounded we can be.

Liberate the Creator Within was created to help you break down constructs that keep you stuck and small so you can connect with the Creator Within and Liberate the Natural You.

I have a fire in my belly that compels me to disrupt these societal and cultural constructs. For me. For you. For all of us- Lauren Lovett. 


Come with me on a little trip…. We are going to reconceive our world…. What if when you were born you were given the space to discover yourself before being forced to decide who you are or more often being told who you are.  

What if you were loved for just existing and appreciated for the unique aspects of you that emerged both immediately and slowly? What if, as you came to an age where learning was desired - reading or working with your hands or studying the stars, people were there to guide and mentor you in whatever was interesting to you? I think you get where I am going… What if so much was not pre-supposed or assumed or even forced onto you?


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Who is this for? 

Liberate the Creator Within is a ten module, ten week program for anyone struggling to navigate the stresses of life with all of its crazy-making, ego-battering twists and turns.

It is for anyone looking to bridge the gap between who you are inside and the masks you wear to deal with daily life. 

If you answer yes to more than half of the questions below then this course is for you. 


  • I wake up anxious with a feeling of dread even when things are¬†relatively¬†good.
  • I¬†don't like to say "no" to people¬†even when it is in¬†my best interest to do so.
  • I¬†second guess myself¬†a lot¬†even if in¬†my gut I¬†feel you know the answer.
  • I feel frustrated and angry much of time even while doing all¬†I can to avoid conflict.
  • I find I'm always trying to be the person others expect me to be.
  • I'm¬†hesitant to reach out for help or ask a question.
  • I don't like "boundaries" because it feels like I'll disappoint people by having them.
  • You hear a voice in your¬†head¬†saying things like 'you're not good enough or 'why bother, whatever can go wrong will' is constantly running in¬†my mind.
  • Being emotional or having emotions makes me weak.
  • If I keep climbing the career ladder I'll eventually reach the top and my life will be better.

Simple, powerful lessons

The truth is, no matter what company or what position or what your goal or day-to-day looks like, carrying shame and denying pain and insecurity leads to the breakdown of the Self. 

This breakdown looks and feels different for everyone but you can rebuild your relationship with your Self.

It’s about listening to the inner dialogue between the body and your many Parts so we can de-escalate feelings of anxiety and powerlessness while creating more space and bandwidth for whatever happens in the world.

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What to Expect from this course 

Learn how to discover the Natural Self so you can connect with the your Creator instead of creating what others have told you 

Identify the constructs that are keeping you stuck in old patterns and learn how working with your Creative Self can break those patterns

Discover your unconscious constructs that determine how you interact with the world and how those constructs create your reality...and how to create something new.   

Weekly Q&A Sessions

With our weekly calls and private FB group you will have a community for continual support. 


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‚ÄúIn order to change, people need to become aware of their sensations and the way that their bodies interact with the world around them. Physical self-awareness is the first step in releasing the tyranny of the past.‚ÄĚ

‚Äē¬†Bessel A. van der Kolk


Nice to meet you!

Hi! I'm Lauren Lovett and I'll be your guide through the Liberate the Creator Within program - a new online course created out of my Embodied Artist work. 


This is a ten module, ten week program that will provide you with the insight, tools and motivation to shift the patterns of your life. 



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Certifications and Credentials 

  • The Juilliard School

  • Pacifica Graduate Institute

  • Somatic Experiencing International

  • ¬†Institute of Integrative Nutrition

  • ¬†C.G. Jung Institute of Los Angeles

  • ¬†Intimacy Directors and Choreographers

  • ¬†Theatrical Intimacy Education

  • ¬†American Board of Hypnotherapy

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Welcome to Module One of "Liberate the Creator Within: Let me introduce you to YOU." In this module, we'll dive into the transformative process of challenging societal constructs and  ancestral contracts and we'll explore the impact of family expectations, unraveling the influences that limit our creative expression. 


Module Two: "Binary Shminary" In this module, we challenge the narrow definitions of right and wrong or success and failure by looking to nature for inspiration and explore a more expansive understanding of success and failure, seeing them as opportunities for learning, growth, and resilience.


It‚Äôs Module Three: "No Bad Parts" of our online course, "Liberate the Creator Within." In this module, we're diving into the fascinating realm of our inner Parts‚ÄĒthe different aspects of ourselves that often hold conflicting thoughts and feelings. We'll cultivate a compassionate and curious mindset, recognizing that every Part has something valuable to offer.


Module Four: "The Body Connection" of our online course, "Liberate the Creator Within." In this module, we'll explore the incredible way our bodies communicate with us every day and we'll learn to listen to the language of our bodies and deepen our understanding of how our experiences impact the Self and living in flow.


Module Five: "Power is Not a Dirty Word". Power is a complex concept, and in this module, we'll challenge the notion that it is inherently negative or dirty. We'll feel through our personal experiences and perceptions of power, discovering the unique sensations and feelings it evokes within our bodies.


Module Six: "Let's Get This Party Started". In this module, we'll provide you with a framework to choose and launch a creative project of your own. Bringing a creative idea to life can be both thrilling and overwhelming. In this module, we'll guide you through the process, offering practical strategies to set clear intentions and successfully launch your project.


Module Seven: "Money is a Current" 

In this module, we'll delve into the complex topic of money, deconstructing our feelings and beliefs surrounding it, recognizing that it is ‚Äúcurrency‚ÄĚ or a form of energy exchange.¬†We'll challenge societal conditioning and reframe our understanding of money as a tool for self-love and empowerment.


Welcome to Module Eight: "Antidotes for Anxiety". In this module, we'll address the pervasive issue of anxiety that many people experience in today's world. Anxiety can create a cage of fear, limiting our ability to connect empathetically with ourselves and others. We'll explore powerful antidotes to anxiety, helping you reclaim your sense of calm and restore your natural empathetic nature.


Module Nine: "Resist the Resistance" In this module, we'll confront the powerful force of resistance that often blocks our creative flow. Resistance can be a formidable thief, hindering our creative expression. But what if we approach it with curiosity instead of frustration? Notice the sensations in your body when creativity calls ‚Äď let‚Äôs unravel the stories and beliefs that hold you back.


Welcome to Module Ten: "Bring Me a Higher Love" of our online course, "Liberate the Creator Within." In this final module, we embark on a profound exploration to redefine love and connect with our Higher Self. Today, love and the concept of our Higher Self take on new meanings. I invite you to reflect on what they mean to you in the present moment.

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