All The Tools You Need To Re-Ignite Your Creative Spirit

Want to reunite with your creative spirit?

The pandemic has left so many of us feeling lost and disconnected. Anxiety and doubt has become more tangible than connectedness and euphoria. 

Self Paced Digital Retreat to get back to creative expression with the stars as your backdrop.

Singer song-writer Pam Rose will take you through her song writing process  and she’ll teach you about your place among the planets and stars.

Friend Lauren Lovett will give Somatic guidance to help you tune in to your body and its vibrational language.

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How many of us feel like we’re living up to our full creative potential? Have we imagined doing or finishing something creative, and have found every way to convince ourselves that there is something more important at hand?

Have any of us simply been discouraged, or listened to that negative voice in our heads saying “Oh, it’s probably not good enough anyway”? Or in our creative process, have we hit a wall, or a dry spell, and we can’t break through?

If any of these are true, then our course is just the thing that inspires you to step forward and take your creativity up a notch.

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Creative Awakening

Reignite your creative spirit through Pam Rose's song writing process.

Somatic Connection

Tune into your body's vibrational language with Lauren Lovett's Somatic workshops.

Imagine Living in Harmony with Your Creativity and Body

Signing up for our course will guide you to a deeper connection with your creative spirit and body.

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Pam Rose 

Few voices have the power to cut to the bone like Two-Time Grammy Nominee Pam Rose. Layer that over her profound songwriting gift and her consummate musicianship on an assortment of instruments, and you begin to get a glimpse of a real artist.

She has won praise for her powerful alliance with Mary Ann Kennedy as the acclaimed duo Kennedy Rose. The twosome won the ear of rock star Sting and recorded two CDs for his private label Pangaea Records, a label he founded for “uncategorizable music”. As an added treat, they were asked to open for him on one of his World Tours. As special guests of Emmylou Harris, Kennedy Rose also performed twice for President Bill Clinton and First Lady Hillary Clinton, and later at the Nobel Peace Prize Presentation in Oslo, Norway.

Pam has been a lifelong student of the Spiritual Arts, and is graduate in Divinty of The Estuary, where she studied energetic and Kabalistic healing. Her childhood love of astronomy, led her to develop a love for astrology in her teens, and she continues to have a fascination and respect for the relationship between music and the Cosmos. “I’ve always loved studying the language of the stars and the music of the spheres, and the connection and co-relation they have with each other.”

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Lauren Lovett

I am an Artist, an actor, writer, lover and part time desert witch. I’ve been teaching and coaching Artists for over twenty-five years, working with folks on everything from acting, dialects and vocal release, intimacy coordination and consent culture to reconnecting with the body and weathering the storms of creative life.

I am a graduate of the Juilliard Drama Division (Group 23) and was a professional actor for two decades. I am certified in Somatic Experiencing, Hypnotherapy, Jungian Studies and as a health coach by the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.

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